Connect to TheCapeRadio.com Website.  They supported the COH Community even when there was no Paragon Chat!  See current events and the broadcast schedule and the times and dates of DJ shows in Paragon Chat. We have thecaperadio.com DJs in-game almost every day! 

DJ JUDGE SHOW video here:

Display your Groups! Since multitooning is available, at last you can make that picture you always wanted - your toons together and interacting. Post your own Supergroups, Hero or Villain teams, RP Groups, whatever PChat groups you want to make and show off!

Every thought of an explanation why all your toons are called by your Global Name?
Well, I have!

Want to see current progress on Player Bases? The Brigade's own March O'Hare shows you!
NOW BASES ARE INCLUDED - UPDATE TO Paragon Chat Version 1.1  !

The Catgrrl Brigade and their Friends, the Choco-Chicks, Distraction Bhuns and the Phoxes often show up for DJ shows.  This thread shows some of the appearances, some advertisements they've been in, the Brigade Base and other fun stuff! Check it out!

Here's a superhero comic that the Brigade really enjoys (yes, that's where  they got 'grrl' !)

Friends of paragon chat

The Positive Gamer has visited us multiple times

Ship  of Heroes

City of Titans

Valiance Online

Paragon Radio / SaveCOHRadio podcast with Pogoman and MadVyking

Raspcard has streamed several PChat events.  See him on twitch.tv

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