A neat thing you can do in Paragon Chat that you couldn't (easily) do in City of Heroes is Multitooning.  This allows you to load more than one character at a time and interact with them.  [The picture at the bottom of the main page shows one account with 22 toons open in Ultra mode.  At the time of this writing, the record is 33 at once!  The PC used had a i7-7700, 32GB of memory and a nVidia 950 video card.]
Recent Windows Updates (I'm looking at you, Windows 10 1803!) have made the process a little wonky, so I don't know if 33 will be exceeded.

To do this requires a fairly new PC and AT LEAST 4GB of memory.   The number of characters you can load and operate at one time depends mainly on the amount of memory and (to some extent) the video card and processor you have.  (Slower processor may not limit the actual LOADING of the toons, but may cause so much lag you won't be able to operate them.)  4GB usually can handle 3-4 toons with usable speed or 7 maximum, with limited speed.  16GB can do 7-9 toons with usable speed and 32GB  does  10-14 toons with a  (so far) limit of 22.

To turn on Multitooning, start the Paragon Chat client, but DON'T put in the password.  Click the Gear icon on the bottom line.  When it opens, find the [ ] Allow multiple Instances  line and click it on [X].  If you will be running a lot of toons, add this to the Client command-line parameters    -maxinactivefps 3    (make sure you get the dash in front) .  This makes non-active toons slow down to 3 frames per second to save your resources. Look lower down and Click the [Check Now]  button to make sure you are still connected.

Next, exit the client and start it again.  Go ahead and open the first toon. Once it is open, press the WINDOWS key [little white Windows logo on the bottom left of the keyboard) and D simultaneously (Win-D) to get back to the Desktop and you can start a second toon.  All toons loaded at the same time have to have different names!

If you are running Windows 10, you can press Win-Tab to see all the different windows and toons you have open and Win-D to pop out to the Desktop to open a new toon, run a browser or check Discord without dropping your toons. 
In Windows 7, Win-D will work, but you will have to use Alt-Tab to switch from one toon to another.

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