WHat is PCHAT ?

Paragon Chat is an XMPP service that allows former City of Heroes players and our new friends to communicate over the Web.

It uses your own City of Heroes client to make it look like you are back in Paragon City!


You will be amazed at what can be done in the PChat Client. The best Costume Creator ever,
travel powers, Badging, the trams and tailors
work, and all 40 Zones can be visited. (and now, Player Bases!) See the Social Information tab, above for more!

The COH Client was given away by the company that owned City of Heroes freely to anyone that wanted it. No part of that original copyrighted file has been changed.

The Paragon Chat XMPP Client is new software written as a way to let us see each other again while we wait for one of the Successor Games to come out. Come join us!

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