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In addition to the original PChat Client functions, various users have come up with Modifications that add function to the Client.  With the exception of QuickChat.exe, these typically are modifications to the text files that control access to emotes and locations.

QuickChat.exe was written and introduced by Lexicon.  It adds on several Mission Maps, all the old paid-for emotes and an improved menu. It also gives you access to Khallisti Wharf, a new Zone intended for Issue 24, but never finished or released!

Important Note: Look in the first entry for a direct link to Quickchat.exe.  You should not need all the technical discussion below that with the new, improved, Quickchat installer. 

Bitters' Mod by the user Bitters is a text-file swap that adds on a LOT of Mission Maps, a few custom emotes and recently was updated to offer the Dual Pistols and Street Justice combat emotes, as discovered by the user known as Alcatraz! {updated 02/2019 to add on more Mission Maps and Emotes and now supports the 
New Map Update listed at the bottom of this page}

Slash Commands are ways to send direct commands to your PChat Client.  These do not interfere with Emotes or Powers, so they can be very useful in Macros.  For example, if you select another player or an NPC and then do  /FACE  , your toon will face the target without you having to use the mouse or keyboard to move. 

You can use Emotes in Chat and in Macros.  Here is a list of the currently known emotes.
In Chat, you can type  /E macroname  to perform a macro.  For example, /E DANCE1 will make your toon perform DANCE 1.

Macros are a way to store actions and speech in a Power Bar icon. For example, you can make a button that makes your toon say, 'That's great!' and then give a thumbs up.  Macros can be great ways to set up actions and words for Missions or in RP situations.

Multitooning is a PChat-exclusive (as far as I know) feature that allows you to load and operate multiple toons at the same time in the same computer.  Most PCs can handle 3 or 4 and machines with better processors and 16GB or more of memory can load quite a bit more. 

Almost all the Location Badges are active! See VidiotMaps for location help!

Advanced Users: Use dbEdit to use NPC parts!s!

NEW - How to move costumes from PChat to COH Server

Click HERE for Download. After you unzip it, look inside for a text file with install instructions!

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